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Reflecting on Advice I Gave to a Friend after My First Child

When my son was less than three months old, my best friend’s mother asked me to provide advice as part of a baby-shower gift for my friend.  She was compiling a cute book with advice from friends and family.  My feelings and emotions at that time were raw.  My son had colic. and reflux. and … Continue reading

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Examining Paid Family Leave: The Peril of Heuristic Approaches to Complex Problems

When I saw the headline, San Francisco approves fully paid leave for new parents, I scrolled through the comments section.  Bad idea.  So much vitriol with divisive lines drawn between parents (or “breeders” as we’re termed) vs. non-parents.  Can people not see that paid family leave is not a zero-sum game where parents win and non-parents … Continue reading