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Newsflash! Mothers’ Health and Happiness Can Trump Breastfeeding.

Finally an article that captures my opinion on the matter. What I’ve said time and again is that much of the research available and associated evidence don’t capture the value of a mother’s sanity and mental health. It’s not easy to quantify, but it is valuable and important. A happy mama is a better mama … Continue reading


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Examining Paid Family Leave: The Peril of Heuristic Approaches to Complex Problems

When I saw the headline, San Francisco approves fully paid leave for new parents, I scrolled through the comments section.  Bad idea.  So much vitriol with divisive lines drawn between parents (or “breeders” as we’re termed) vs. non-parents.  Can people not see that paid family leave is not a zero-sum game where parents win and non-parents … Continue reading